Come here often?

I know I don’t…

My name’s Ash, and I’m currently studying to obtain a degree in Communication and Media Studies and International Studies. By chance, I’m also a first time blogger and a serial napper (admit it, no introduction would be complete without a fun fact).

My interest in Communication and Media Studies stems from my unwavering interest in the contribution of media, in particular the internet, to the way we in which interact with one another in a modern society. So far, I’m enjoying BCM110 and 112, and get a little bit giddy thinking about the fact that I get to explore the magical and bottomless ocean that is the internet whilst simultaneously referring to this as, ahem, ‘study’.

As a ‘fresh-out-of-highschool’ student, I’m endeavouring to consider everything an opportunity to learn more about the myself and the world; having to create a blog is no exception. Hopefully I can make my posts engaging and thrilling as my little mind will let me, and provide a bit of insight into my opinion on subjects relevant (and, most probably otherwise) to BCM110 and BCM112

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