A nice little reflection (Who let the blogs out)

By reading many many blog introductions for the BCM110 course, I definitely know now that I was not in my own boat when I say that I had never thought that I would be blogging. Maybe I just had some preconceived ideas about what it was to have a blog or be a blogger but the first thing I learnt was that it simply means, “to have an opinion”.

Being able to discuss my thoughts and findings in such conversational tone has allowed me to freely think and write at the same time – something I never thought would be easy. Trawling through the internet for fragments of information seemed like a really arduous task at first, but really taught me skilful ways to dissect and gather resources. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I’m not always hard and fast about my opinion, so being able to use the internet to nurture my little brain seeds was something I enjoyed.

But what I most enjoyed about this task was exploring the vast interpretations of the exact same subject matter. It can be pretty intimidating how talented and insightful some people are but it makes for a really engaging blogging atmosphere. These other WordPress blogs and the internet research offered me a medium in which to explore topics I’ve always been interested in (but never related to) and allowed me to develop new interests.

From the beginning I said that I would endeavour to consider everything an opportunity to learn more about myself and the world. While it seems a little bit dramatic to suggest that blogging has changed me, I would feel it necessary to say that writing so freely about what I think and what interests ME has given me a better understanding of my own personality and how much I love trying to understand other people’s.

I’m also getting pretty good at puns.


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