Look at you Global Networks, you get your very own introduction…

If you’re just stopping by (yay) and are new to my blog, my name is Ash.

Since before I was old enough to understand it as a global phenomenon, media in all it’s forms has infatuated me.
How lovely that I end up here, studying it’s processes and discourses alike.
My perpetual anxiety about the broad nature of digc202 was not eased by our tutor’s exclamation about just how much the subject incorporates. Especially given that 99% of the class hadn’t used Reddit before.

But nonetheless, I’m excited.

An huge interest of mine is the power of popularity and exposure on social media. Stemming from this and my interest in marketing & advertising, I’m also interested in analysing the evolution of the crossovers between social media platforms and marketing. In a sense, exploring the potentials and limitations of associating a brand with a particular identity. I’ll expand on this throughout my blogs.

Happy reading!



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