3 thoughts on “Click Theory and Self-Promotion

  1. kakkal says:

    I found your post very interesting, especially with how you mentioned the fact of links being displayed on a page might not have the effect wanted on the users (click theory), but in some situations it doesn’t only depend on the ‘motivation’ of the reader. In my case it mostly has to do with the limitations of the devise I use to read on (my phone), which only allows me 6 web pages that I can have open at a time. And your thoughts on were things are placed on the page are not of the mark, in advertising there are usually media planners
    (click link for description: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/media-planning.html) who usually create the lay out of the page and the flow that the potential customers eyes may move across the web page. This post was quit insightful for someone unaware of the logistics involved in e-marketing, you should check out some marketing class if this sort of thing peaks your interest. I hope to read more of your posts.

    1. bigworldlittleash says:

      I completely agree! I think the important thing to take away from this blog (which was originally posted by http://aopinionatedman.com/) is that whether or not you market yourself effectively according to what you wish to achieve but, like you said, users might also be detered by their means of device. I know that I really struggle to read long articles or blogs on my phone, especially while I’m in the car or train.
      Going off this we can assume that there’s always variables in why people choose to/not to navigate a webpage past an initial glance. That being said, I still consider the content layout etc. of a page as having a dramatic impact on creating a consistent feel which both engages new readers and encourages them to return. I think I see way too many blogs presented in a way that isn’t conducive to enjoyable reading and just doesn’t reflect the high quality of writing. I found it insightful too, and yeah! I’m doing a minor in marketing & advertising and would recommend it to anyone. So important! Thanks for the insightful comment!

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