Blood Minerals: The real cost, supply and demand of our devices


This visual essay is simply about the ‘smart’ devices that we rely upon to keep us connected, bringing attention to the issue of provenance and why we should all care. We record, we share, we watch, we listen, we read, we research and we learn, all through a single device.

For these devices, we pay a premium price.

Technological innovation has allowed them to become smaller, more complex, more versatile and more entertaining. We buy these devices because we feel that they improve our lives.

These consumer electronics often cost more than the yearly income of a large portion of the world. Despite this, consumption of these devices has become a necessity of our modern tech-based life.
Innovation by major tech companies is both applauded and critiqued.

However, the hype around new devices generates consumer interest and encourages purchasing on a massive scale.

But what if our insatiable appetite for the latest electronic gadgets is actually fuelling despair, deprivation and oppression in the same world we strive to connect with? #bcm232 #conflictminerals



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